Creation Source is a Premier Audio Visual Systems Integration provider specializing in the design, installation and support of multimedia presentation technology, video and audio conferencing systems, and customized communication products.

A leading Network Information Systems provider, Creation Source offers a range of presentation and interactive communication meeting solutions. Our systems focus on the needs of each customer including high-definition projection technology, videoconferencing and telepresence for remote participation and distance learning. 


  • Commercial Business
  • Residential/Home Automation
  • Conference Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Class/Lecture Rooms
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Public Address(PA System), Paging & Background Music


  • Projectors, Projections Screens
  • LED Video Displays
  • Video Walls
  • Audio/Video Conferencing System
  • Digital Signage
  • Interactive Whiteboard and Annotation
  • Audio Distribution System
  • Home Automation System
  • Integrated Lighting Systems
  • Touch-panel Control Systems
  • Smart Board & Interactive Classroom Installation Services
  • Structured Cabling Design & Implementation
  • Automated Blinds/Shades


Creation Source is one of leading security systems companies in KSA. We provide a variety of technological security solutions for the commercial, residential and government sectors throughout the KSA.


  • Access Control Security Systems
  • Intercom Security Systems
  • CCTV Systems: Security Cameras and Video Surveillance
  • Security Alarm Systems
  • Turnstile Access Control Systems
  • Integrated Security Systems (ISS)
  • Security Guard

Access Control Security Systems

Creation Source Security is composed of professional, knowledgeable, experienced and well trained security systems specialists who provide well-designed access solutions & visitor management for protecting and controlling government and military installations, banks, hotels, universities & schools, hospitals & medical clinics, retail stores, office buildings, and other commercial and residential applications.

We offer state-of-the-art access control systems and components including gates, turnstiles, keypad systems, biometrics readers, and traditional card access. Which system you choose depends on the purpose and on your unique safety requirements.

We offer different types of access control systems, including:

  • Network Solutions: Web-based / Cloud Access Control remote via smartphone
  • Keypad Access Control
  • Biometric Access Control (fingerprint access)
  • Proximity Access Control with key cards and fobs
  • Turnstile / Entrance Gate Access Security system

We will help you design and install an access control system for your business or building with access control solutions of the most trusted brands.

Intercom Security Systems:

Creation Source Security is a leading KSA security company specializing in installation and repair of intercom systems according to the customer's security needs. We provide customized intercom systems for residential buildings, commercial buildings, schools, retail stores, offices and more.

We offer different types of intercom systems, including:

  • Audio / Video Intercom systems with APP
  • Wireless intercom systems
  • IP Based Intercom systems
  • Audio intercoms
  • Telephone Entry Systems

We will help you design and install an intercom system for your business or building with intercom entry solutions of the most trusted brands, Intercom systems can be installed for internal or external use, using existing phone lines or computer networks.

CCTV Systems: Security Cameras and Video Surveillance

At Creation Source Est. we believe that it is important to provide special skills and knowledge in every field of security system. That is why we have chosen to provide only the most appropriate CCTV system products and services to our customers, in other words we will not over-do it nor will we under do it.

Many security problems that occur at home, business, government facilities or any other place, when no one is watching. Security Cameras and Video Surveillance services from Creation Source Security assure monitoring around the clock and from all angles to keep an open eye on places you value, even when you are away.

Security Cameras and Video Surveillance systems, known as closed-circuit television (CCTV), consist of a camera, digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR), and monitor. Creation Source Security offers a large variety of high-quality equipment to bring you cutting-edge solutions.

CCTV system is a popular form of surveillance that uses video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific destination on a limited set of monitors in a closed network. Banks, airports, industrial plants, military installations, and convenience stores commonly use cameras and video Surveillance system, which can operate continuously or can be activated to monitor particular events. CCTV is a popular tool not only for security, but also for monitoring the operations of a business or organization or for liability and insurance issues.

Types of Security Cameras:

CCTV systems use many different security camera types depending on the security needs. Common camera classifications among which customers can choose include:

  • Analog or Digital Security Cameras
  • Fixed or Point Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Security Cameras
  • Indoor or Outdoor Security Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • Infrared Security Cameras
  • Vandal Resistant Security Cameras
  • Day and Night Security Cameras (Low Light Cameras)
  • Dome, Bullet, Box, Corner and Pinhole Security Cameras

Security Alarm Systems

Burglaries and robberies represent some of the most common crimes in the urban environment. Fortunately, experience shows that alarm systems may significantly decrease the chances of such invasions by deterring intruders and thieves from entering your home or business.

Alarm systems emit a shrill noise in response to a present and immediate danger. Additional advantages of a loud alarm sound include its ability to alert neighbors and passersby, and potentially even frighten intruders from the scene. The sight of an alarm system alone may be enough to discourage would-be thieves. Highly effective and often easy to use, this electronic security solution is a popular way to provide peace of mind for homeowners and business operators.

The most basic alarm systems feature elements including a control panel, keypad, siren, indoor motion detector, door and window contacts, and a central monitoring station, if the system is monitored. More sophisticated features that can be added include glass break detectors, panic buttons, pressure mats under carpeting, and alarm screens for windows.

Fire Alarm System - To supplement our products for Fire Systems and Fire Extinguishing System, we offer a full line of alarm, detection, and control products. Among them are our top of the line Detection, Manual Stations, Notifications, and Control Panels. Our Fire Systems carries conventional and addressable control panels and the associated detection and accessories for both. Our conventional releasing panel provides a series of preset programs for a variety of common system arrangements as well as custom program capabilities. Our addressable panels support a variety of modules and auxiliary components allowing for diverse systems to fit the requirements of each extinguishing system.

Turnstile Access Control Systems

Turnstiles are one of the most common ways to control access to a space, to keep track of how many people enter a space, to provide security, to control crowds, and to prevent loss control.

Turnstiles, as many of us are very aware, are now used in a variety of spaces for a variety of reasons. Turnstiles are, for many, a part of daily life, especially in KSA where subways and many office buildings utilize them.

Turnstiles are mechanisms, which allow a business, location, or group to have control over who accesses a space, under what circumstances people enter, and when they are granted access.

Integrated Security Systems (ISS)

Creation Source Security offers integrated security services in KSA that are tailored to your requirements. An integrated system gives you more control, and makes security simple and easy to manage.

We are specialized in the design and installation of integrated security systems. Our experience and knowledge of security technology are extensive and up-to-date, allowing us to provide the most inclusive integrated solutions.

An integrated security system is ideal for Universities and Schools, Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities, Office Buildings, Malls and Retail Centers, Property Management Companies, Government and Military facilities, Commercial Enterprises and Organizations, and Large Residential buildings.

Our integrated security services include:

  • Access control system
  • Security Cameras and surveillance systems (CCTV)
  • Alarm system
  • Intercom system
  • Door Hardware - locks and panic bar exit devices

Security Guard

Our dedication to integrity and your peace of mind comes solely from our security guard services whether it be an On-site or Roving guard with our aim to deter unauthorized person/s gaining unlawful entry to any diplomatic delegation and business, ensuring that your people, property and valuables remain safe.

As such, Creation Source provides a range of Manned Guard services including Static Guards both permanent or casual, visitor and staff escorts. Creation Source pays particular attention to the understanding of our customers needs and ensuring we recruit the competence staff for your site.

Creation Source is currently in partnership with one of the leading international security services provider the Argus Security Projects Ltd known for its comprehensive and tailored protective services. Also specialized in various integrated security services such, risk assessment and crisis management for international corporations.


Creation Source offers innovative professional Services in the field of IT, we offer complete business solutions. As a leading Solutions Provider, we connect people with technology that enhances growth, elevates productivity, and empowers innovation.


  • Infrastructure / Hardware
  • Network & Communication
  • Security Solutions
  • Software Solutions
  • Professional Services

Infrastructure / Hardware

We offer solutions and services that align system functionality with Business requirements with the solitary goal of improving IT efficiency. Our solutions address the exponential growth of Digital data and the need to make this available as part of compliance, regulatory and business continuity measures.

Our infrastructure offerings include laptops, desktops, workstations, printers, servers storage and backup devices from leading hardware vendors like HP ,Lenovo, Cisco,3M & Avaya coupled with complimenting core software components like Operating systems, e-Mail, Databases and office productivity applications from Microsoft and Oracle.


  • Network Design / Installation / Implementation
  • Servers & Storage
  • UTP, STP & Fiber Optic Infrastructure Solutions
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Servers / PCs Diagnostic, Upgrade & Service
  • Video signage, streaming and security
  • RFID Solutions

Network & Communication

We at Creation Source IT have resources to prepare comprehensive network designs / re-design & design reviews on customer network infrastructures. May it be a pure Cisco based network or a multi-vendor equipment based network, we have the expertise. 

We are able to provide Design Consultancy for small to large IP Networks.


  • Local Area and Wide Area Networks.
  • Wireless LAN.
  • IP Telephony and VoIP systems.
  • Unified Communication.

Security Solutions

Creation Source IT prides in our ability to support organizations through the process of managing IT security risks – right from the stage when the requirement is conceived, through completion and beyond.

Creation Source IT is the perfect Security Integrator as we deal with multiple security product vendors across multiple disciplines. We have handpicked strategic partners in niche areas and combined their solutions to give an un-rivaled mix for total security. We help our customers secure their network infrastructure, implement identity management and access controls, ensure data protection and privacy and instantiate governance, risk management, and compliance programs.

Our major security partners are Trend Micro, Cisco, Juniper, Kaspersky, Sonic Wall.


  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Encryption
  • End Point Security
  • Firewall

Software Solutions

Software and applications take the major share of IT Budgets world over. Creation Source IT implements the core infrastructure software as well as applications for Business management.

As a Value added reseller on ERP, CRM, Server Systems, Data, Portals & Collaboration, Project and Asset Management our wealth & knowledge expertise helps us to cover the entire range of offerings from Microsoft and benefit from integrated Infrastructure and Business Software.

In addition to packaged product implementations, we also engage in application design and development services and have successfully built a HR & Payroll system in line with the linear requirements of the region.


  • ERP & CRM solutions
  • Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • HR & Payroll
  • Facility & Property Management

Professional Services

Creation Source IT delivers superior on-site support services that help you reduce support costs and risks. Creation Source IT engages customers who want to take advantage of our significant investments in enabling comprehensive ICT systems support through annual Maintenance and Support contracts. Additionally we provide Man power deputation services at customer premises. The technical support operation is located at Creation Source IT's centralized Support Center and staffed with trained and highly skilled System Engineers who specialize in the diagnosis and swift resolution of reported issues.


  • Consultancy
  • Design & Installation
  • Manpower Deputation
  • Support Services


Creation Source Establishment provides total power solutions and Operation & Maintenance to a wide sector throughout Kingdom. We carry out turn-key Projects for Telecom sectors, Banking sector, commercial centres, hotels, hospitals, compounds and industrial facilities. We have an expert team to implement all kinds of power related projects.

Power Solutions and Operation & Maintenance

We have a combined experience, expertise and knowledge in the areas of:

  • Installation of Generator from 10KVA – 2500KVA
  • Installation of Mechanical Work for Diesel fuel tanks of capacity 500 liters to 10000 liters.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Permanent and rental Generator throughout kingdom.
  • Installation of Low Voltage power systems. (ATS and MDB panels)
  • Cable Laying, Cable Pulling, Cable terminations
  • Installation of ATS and MDB panels (up to 2500Amp Breaker)
  • Testing and commissioning of ATS, MDB panels and Control Cables

Installation of Generator from 10KVA – 2500KVA

Creation Source Establishment has a vast capacity of manpower to provide total power solutions to telecom, Banking and Manufacturing sectors of Kingdom and throughout the region. We have an expert team with over 15 years of practice experience and knowledge in the areas of design, integration, installation and maintenance services. Our goal is to provide consistent and proficient services with engineered solutions as per our customer’s requirements. The reliability of power source plays an important role in the overall performance and uninterrupted functionality of any system. We have received an extraordinary repute by providing quality services and support to our customers.

CSE covers all type of installations related to Power generation whether it is conventional Power generation using Diesel / Gas as fuel or Renewable Energy systems i.e. Photovoltaic Solar Power systems converting Sunlight in to Electricity or Solar Diesel Hybrid System where cost is the price concern and sites are not too difficult to access and maintain.

In addition, CSE also covers installation and supply of Power Conversion equipment including AC-DC convertors, Telecom and Industrial Grade Rectifiers, Battery Chargers, Batteries, DC/AC inverters and DC-DC convertors etc. The highly professional and experienced staff ensures a total customer satisfaction and after service support.

Services for Mechanical Work for Diesel fuel tanks of capacity 500 Litres to 10000 Litres

We provide turnkey solution for installation of all type of Diesel Fuel tanks ranging from 500 Litres to 10,000 Litres of Fuel Tank capacity for all temporary generator power to permanent generator power providing facilities.

Creation Source provide all type of mechanical work required to provide continuous flow of fuel for the generator and installation of fuel sensor to provide alarm for timely refilling of the fuel tank.

Operation and Maintenance of Permanent and Rental Generator throughout kingdom

We have a reliable work force of electro-mechanical person to carry out all the operation and Maintenance of generators on telecom and banking sector sites. CS provides periodic maintenance of generators and fuel tanks. We take full responsibility for the continuous operation of generators for reliable production and supply of power to the system.  

The Preventive Maintenance (PM) of generator usually include followings steps afer perticular time fram as per standards

  • Change of Oil Filters
  • Change of Fuel Filter
  • Change of Air Filters
  • Change of belt
  • Check the capacity of coolant and refill if required

The other maintenance is required whenever problem triggered and it’s called corrective maintenance. This type of maintenance has a high priority and it requires the back support as early as possible.

Creation Source provide a 24/7 back support for all type of Corrective Maintenance (CM) for electro-mechanical work.

Installation of Low Voltage Power Systems (ATS and MDB panels)

Creation source provides full turnkey solution for low voltage power systems. We provide all type of installations and troubleshooting of low voltage system and its sub parts.

We have experienced work force who has a vast experience of installing Transformers, ATS Panels, MDB/MCCB and UPS panels.

Cable Laying, Cable Pulling and Cable Terminations

Creation Source has expert electrical installation team for all type of cabling for low voltage system.  We give services for above ground and below ground cable lying and cable terminations at the end nodes.

Testing and commissioning of ATS, MDB panels and Control Cables

Creation Source extends its services form installation to commission and troubleshooting for new and already running systems.


Creation Source offers design development services in following fields of design:








Interior Designing

Creation Source offers consultancy & Execution services throughout the whole cycle of a project from conceptual planning to management and operation. It ensures at every stage the necessary designing, functionality and quality control to achieve a successful outcome.

We always follow a designed procedure for every project to ensure the quality outcome. ie:

  • Project definition and assessment of requirement
  • Conceptual Design Development
  • Layout designing
  • Presentation Drawings
  • Master Planning
  • Preliminary and detailed designs
  • Project element's details
  • Project scheduling and programming
  • Project Execution on site / workshop
  • Quality control


It is essentially the efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products.

In Creation Source we have the design facility to develop new products both for consumer market and for the customized needs (as per specifications)

By having product design facility we make a use of it in interior designing as well by using customized fixtures and products for specific needs and that gives us a competitive edge over the market for our clients


We have special focus on the philosophical relation of space with its usage and any services for the said space.

We built the hierarchy of the applied factors, like:

Functional, Conceptual, Aesthetical, Financial, etc.

And by that we can develop design solution for any chaotic situation or Need.

It’s always considered a problem solving activity with us.


Creation Source has a specialized team to design the customized furniture for our clients which also give us the creative edge in the field of interior designing.

Having the professional knowledge in the field of Ergonomics is our strength to produce most human friendly and Aesthetically pleasing furniture.


As we have explained earlier that we have special focus on the philosophy of the project so in case of unspecified or undetermined needs, our team has the capability of analyzing the situation and involving factors so to come up with radical concept for the design.


A carefully planned approach to the administration of all projects enables our organization to utilize its resources and experience with maximum efficiency. On large projects, we analyze the program in details and develop it into a critical path program.

That Program makes our execution team to follow that time bound path while another team on top of it makes sure of the Quality of the end result so collectively it gives our organization the capacity to manage any type of design project and in any given circumstances both qualitatively and quantitatively


Though it is synonyms to the services already explained but we still want to make a point here of our capacity and capability of highly professional team of designers and craftsmen to both Design and Execute any project handed over to us


Facilities operations and maintenance encompasses all that broad spectrum of services required to assure the built environment will perform the function for which the equipment was designed and install for its intended use. Operation and maintenance typically includes the day to day activities necessary for the facilities systems and equipment to perform their intended function. Operation and maintenance are combined into the common terms (O&M) because a facility cannot operate at peak efficiency without being dutifully maintained. Therefore O&M represents the greatest expense in owning and operating facility equipment’s over its life cycle.


  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance