Power Solutions and Operation & Maintenance

We have a combined experience, expertise and knowledge in the areas of:

  • Installation of Generator from 10KVA – 2500KVA
  • Installation of Mechanical Work for Diesel fuel tanks of capacity 500 liters to 10000 liters.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Permanent and rental Generator throughout kingdom.
  • Installation of Low Voltage power systems. (ATS and MDB panels)
  • Cable Laying, Cable Pulling, Cable terminations
  • Installation of ATS and MDB panels (up to 2500Amp Breaker)
  • Testing and commissioning of ATS, MDB panels and Control Cables


Installation of Generator from 10KVA – 2500KVA

Creation Source Establishment has a vast capacity of manpower to provide total power solutions to telecom, Banking and Manufacturing sectors of Kingdom and throughout the region. We have an expert team with over 15 years of practice experience and knowledge in the areas of design, integration, installation and maintenance services. Our goal is to provide consistent and proficient services with engineered solutions as per our 

customer’s requirements. The reliability of power source plays an important role in the overall performance and uninterrupted functionality of any system. We have received an extraordinary repute by providing quality services and support to our customers.

CSE covers all type of installations related to Power generation whether it is conventional Power generation using Diesel / Gas as fuel or Renewable Energy systems i.e. Photovoltaic Solar Power ​systems converting Su nlight in to Electricity or Solar Diesel Hybrid System where cost is the price concern and sites are not too difficult to access and maintain.


In addition, CSE also covers installation and supply of Power Conversion equipment including AC-DC converto

rs, Telecom and Industrial Grade Rectifiers, Battery Chargers, Batteries, DC

/AC inverters and DC-DC convertors etc. The highly professional and experienced staff ensures a total customer satisfaction and after service support.

Services for Mechanical Work for Diesel fuel tanks of

 capacity 500 Liters to 10000 Liters

We provide trunky solution for installation of all type of Diesel Fuel tanks ranging from 500 Liters to 10,000  Liters of Fuel Tank capacity for all temporary generator power to permanent generator power providing facilities.

Creation Source provide all type of mechanical work required to provide continuous flow of fuel for the generator and installation of fuel sensor to provide alarm for timely refilling of the fuel tank.


Operation and Maintenance of Permanent and Rental Generator throughout kingdom

We have a reliable work force of electro-mechanical person to carry out all the operation and Maintenance of generators on telecom and banking sector sites.

CS provides periodic maintenance of generators and fuel tanks. We take full responsibility for the continuous operation of generators for reliable production and supply of power to the system.  

The Preventive Maintenance (PM) of generator usually include followings steps afer perticular time fram as per standards

  • Change of Oil Filters
  • Change of Fuel Filter
  • Change of Air Filters
  • Change of belt
  • Check the capacity of coolant and refill if required

The other maintenance is required whenever problem triggered and it’s called corrective maintenance. This type of maintenance has a high priority and it requires the back support as early as possible.

Creation Source provide a 24/7 back support for all type of Corrective Maintenance (CM) for electro-mechanical work.

Installation of Low Voltage Power Systems (ATS and MDB panels)

Creation source provides full trunky solution for low voltage power systems. We provide all type of installations and troubleshooting of low voltage system and its sub parts. 

We have experienced work force who has a vast experience of installing Transformers, ATS Panels, MDB/MCCB and UPS panels.

Cable Laying, Cable Pulling and Cable Terminations

Creation Source has expert electrical installation team for all type of cabling for low voltage system.

We give services for above ground and below ground cable lying and cable terminations at the end nodes.

Testing and commissioning of ATS, MDB panels and Control Cables

Creation Source extends its services form installation to commission and troubleshooting for new and already running systems.