Creation Source is one of leading security systems companies in KSA. We provide a variety of technological security solutions for the commercial, residential and government sectors throughout the KSA.

Creation Source is known for the best, specialized and uniquely developed electronic and physical security systems solutions including Access Control and Management systems, Intercom and Phone Entry systems, Alarm systems, Security Cameras and Video surveillance (CCTV) systems. Whether you need a small scale solution or manage multiple buildings, Creation Source has the staff and the knowledge to engineer the best solution for your needs.

As an industry leader in the design, installation and maintenance of security low voltage systems, we are proud to offer tailor-made solutions to customers of all sizes and industries. During an on-site consultation, we will develop a plan to protect your premises and your assets. We utilize only commercial grade, top of the line, brand name equipment and licensed technicians to ensure superior service and peace of mind.

Creation Source works closely and directly with building owners, architects, general contractor​s, property management​companies, IT professionals and business owners.



Access Control Security Systems

Creation Source Security is composed of professional, knowledgeable, experienced and well trained security systems specialists who provide well-designed access solutions & visitor management for protecting and controlling government and military installations, banks, hotels, universities & schools, hospitals & medical clinics, retail stores, office buildings, and other commercial and residential applications.

We offer state-of-the-art access control systems and components including gates, turnstiles, keypad systems, biometrics readers, and traditional card access. Which system you choose depends on the purpose and on your unique safety requirements

We offer different types of access control systems, including:

  • Network Solutions: Web-based / Cloud Access Control remote via smartphone
  • Keypad Access Control
  • Biometric Access Control (fingerprint access)
  • Proximity Access Control with key cards and fobs
  • Turnstile / Entrance Gate Access Security system

We will help you design and install an access control system for your business or building with access control solutions of the most trusted brands.

Intercom Security Systems

Creation Source Security is a leading KSA security company specializing in installation and repair of intercom systems according to the customer's security needs. We provide customized intercom systems for residential buildings, commercial buildings, schools, retail stores, offices and more. 

We offer different types of intercom systems, including:

  • Audio / Video Intercom systems with APP
  • Wireless intercom systems
  • IP Based Intercom systems
  • Audio intercoms
  • Telephone Entry Systems

We will help you design and install an intercom system for your business or building with intercom entry solutions of the most trusted brands, Intercom systems can be installed for internal or external use, using existing phone lines or computer networks.

CCTV Systems: Security Cameras and Video Surveillance

At Creation Source Est. we believe that it is important to provide special skills and knowledge in every field of security system. That is why we have chosen to provide only the most appropriate CCTV system products and services to our customers, in other words we will not over-do it nor will we under do it.

Many security problems that occur at home, business, government facilities or any other place, when no one is watching. Security Cameras and Video Surveillance services from Creation Source Security assure monitoring around the clock and from all angles to keep an open eye on places you value, even when you are away.

Security Cameras and Video Surveillance systems, known as closed-circuit television (CCTV), consist of a camera, digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR), and monitor. Creation Source Security offers a large variety of high-quality equipment to bring you cutting-edge solutions.

CCTV system is a popular form of surveillance that uses video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific destination on a limited set of monitors in a closed network. Banks, airports, industrial plants, military installations, and convenience stores commonly use cameras and video Surveillance system, which can operate continuously or can be activated to monitor particular events. CCTV is a popular tool not only for security, but also for monitoring the operations of a business or organization or for liability and insurance issues.

Types of Security Cameras

CCTV systems use many different security camera types depending on the security needs. Common camera classifications among which customers can choose include:

  • Analog or Digital Security Cameras
  • Fixed or Point Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) Security Cameras
  • Indoor or Outdoor Security Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • Infrared Security Cameras
  • Vandal Resistant Security Cameras
  • Day and Night Security Cameras (Low Light Cameras)
  • Dome, Bullet, Box, Corner and Pinhole Security Cameras

Security Alarm Systems

Burglaries and robberies represent some of the most common crimes in the urban environment. Fortunately, experience shows that alarm systems may significantly decrease the chances of such invasions by deterring intruders and thieves from entering your home or business.

Alarm systems emit a shrill noise in response to a present and immediate danger. Additional advantages of a loud alarm sound include its ability to alert neighbors and passersby, and potentially even frighten intruders from the scene. The sight of an alarm system alone may be enough to discourage would-be thieves. Highly effective and often easy to use, this electronic security solution is a popular way to provide peace of mind for homeowners and business operators.

The most basic alarm systems feature elements including a control panel, keypad, siren, indoor motion detector, door and window contacts, and a central monitoring station, if the system is monitored. More sophisticated features that can be added include glass break detectors, panic buttons, pressure mats under carpeting, and alarm screens for windows.

Fire Alarm System - To supplement our products for Fire Systems and Fire Extinguishing System, we offer a full line of alarm, detection, and control products. Among them are our top of the line Detection, Manual Stations, Notifications, and Control Panels. Our Fire Systems carries conventional and addressable control panels and the associated detection and accessories for both. Our conventional releasing panel provides a series of preset programs for a variety of common system arrangements as well as custom program capabilities. Our addressable panels support a variety of modules and auxiliary components allowing for diverse systems to fit the requirements of each extinguishing system.

Turnstile Access Control Systems

Turnstiles are one of the most common ways to control access to a space, to keep track of how many people enter a space, to provide security, to control crowds, and to prevent loss control.

Turnstiles, as many of us are very aware, are now used in a variety of spaces for a variety of reasons. Turnstiles are, for many, a part of daily life, especially in KSA where subways and many office buildings utilize them.

Turnstiles are mechanisms, which allow a business, location, or group to have control over who accesses a space, under what circumstances people enter, and when they are granted access.

Integrated Security Systems (ISS)

Creation Source Security offers integrated security services in KSA that are tailored to your requirements. An integrated system gives you more control, and makes security simple and easy to manage.

We are specialized in the design and installation of integrated security systems. Our experience and knowledge of security technology are extensive and up-to-date, allowing us to provide the most inclusive integrated solutions.

An integrated security system is ideal for Universities and Schools, Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities, Office Buildings, Malls and Retail Centers, Property Management Companies, Government and Military facilities, Commercial Enterprises and Organizations, and Large Residential buildings. 

Our integrated security services include:

  • Access control system
  • Security Cameras and surveillance systems (CCTV)
  • Alarm system
  • Intercom system
  • Door Hardware - locks and panic bar exit devices
  • And more


Security Guard

 Our dedication to integrity and your peace of mind comes solely from our security guard services whether it be an On-site or Roving guard with our aim to deter unauthorized person/s gaining unlawful entry to any diplomatic delegation and business, ensuring that your people, property and valuables remain safe. 

As such, Creation Source provides a range of Manned Guard services including Static

Guards both permanent or casual, visitor and staff escorts. Creation Source pays particular attention to the understanding of our customers needs and ensuring we recruit the competence staff for your site.

Creation Source is currently in partnership with one of the leading international security services provider the Argus Security Projects Ltd known for its comprehensive and tailored protective services. Also specialized in various integrated security services such, risk assessment and crisis management for international corporations.

Operation and Maintenance – Facilities operations and maintenance encompasses all that broad spectrum of services required to assure the built environment will perform the function for which the equipment was designed and install for its intended use. Operation and maintenance typically includes the day to day activities necessary for the facilities systems and equipment to perform their intended function. Operation and maintenance are combined into the common terms (O&M) because a facility cannot operate at peak efficiency without being dutifully maintained. Therefore O&M represents the greatest expense in owning and operating facility equipments over its life cycle.