Security System

a. Security GuardOur dedication to integrity and your peace of mind comes solely from our security guard services whether it be an On-site or Roving guard with our aim to deter unauthorized person/s gaining unlawful entry to any diplomatic delegation and business, ensuring that your people, property and valuables remain safe.

As such, Creation Source provides a range of Manned Guard services including Static Guards both permanent or casual, visitor and staff escorts. Creation Source pays particular attention to the understanding of our customers needs and ensuring we recruit the competence staff for your site.

Creation Source is currently in partnership with one of the leading international security services provider the Argus Security Projects Ltd known for its comprehensive and tailored protective services. Also specialized in various integrated security services such, risk assessment and crisis management for international corporations.

b. CCTV & Burglar - At Creation Source Est. we believe that it is important to provide special skills and knowledge in every field of security system. That is why we have chosen to provide only the most appropriate CCTV system products and services to our customers, in other words we will not over-do it nor will we under do it.

Embracing on our simple philosophy, our team of technical engineers listens to our customers and then offers unbiased honest professional advice. This allows us to be very selective in the brands and products that we carry. We do not follow industry trends, but rather set them. Taking products that are field tested and include a manufacturer’s warranty.

We will also provide you with the best solution and professional objectives for the CCTV system and advice accordingly that would give highest solution for the vast majority of retail crime occurs during business hours and as such it will be the CCTV system that will provide the most benefits to the end user.

c. Alarm System - To supplement our products for Fire Systems and Fire Extinguishing System, we offer a full line of alarm, detection, and control products. Among them are our top of the line Detection, Manual Stations, Notifications, and Control Panels. Our Fire Systems carries conventional and addressable control panels and the associated detection and accessories for both. Our conventional releasing panel provides a series of preset programs for a variety of common system arrangements as well as custom program capabilities. Our addressable panels support a variety of modules and auxiliary components allowing for diverse systems to fit the requirements of each extinguishing system.

d. Access Control - Designed to work together seamlessly, our access controls' products provide you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated security solutions—from the simplest to the most challenging. Our State-of-the-art access control software integrates the most advanced security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring you full-featured security solutions serving any size facility. It is a cost effective and easy-to-manage security solution for businesses, while providing security dealers with multiple recurring revenue streams. Enhance your investment in access control and perimeter security by providing a simple and effective way to register, badge, track and manage your facility's visitor traffic. It is our goal to ensure our customers have the right information when they need it. And when you need to buy product, we make it easy.

e. Hospitality Solutions System - It designed to provide software development, systems integration, and technology solutions to the hospitality industry in any field. Our company offers point of sale (POS) systems, property management, and enterprise management solutions to table service, dining and fast casual restaurants, hotels and resorts, theme parks, and casinos. It also provides wireless solutions, video surveillance, aspect inventory and labor management, wireless handhelds, kitchen display units, on-line and Internet ordering, and self-ordering kiosks. In addition, we offer table management and reservation products. Furthermore, to provides software and hardware support, call prioritization and escalation, and case management services.

Line of Security Products: